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Do you like Colour?

Colours give to the man female or male radiance. Within Fengshui you relate to the emphasis of your personnality, depending on your year of birth and the season in which you were born.
"Clothes make the man". This relates to the colour of the clothing. It influences the feeling, gives signals to the outer world and determines with its interaction as well as its effect onto others.
Colours can express human sensitivities. It will be our pleasure to help you with the choice of the colours,that might support your life, your creativity and your success............
Feng Shui and The beauty
13. 01. 09
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The basis of beauty Feng Shui is the theory of Yin and Yang, an ancient chinese philosophy through, which helped mankind in the ancient China to watch and explain the universe. Later on this theory was used to the human body and thus was created to the basis of Feng Shui.


Smell yourself nice. Scents have both Yin and Yang properties. Scents are fascinating and wake up the joys of life and memories, relating to them. It will be our pleasure to help you chosing your personal scents.
Later on this theory was used to human body and thus was created to the basis Feng Shui. 




Personal nutrition

The element of personal nutrition is very wide, here it is important to have a detailed personal advice. 

How  to furnish your sleeping- and bath-room to your advantage and shape them according to Beauty Fengshui will be the subject of a personal talk.

A make-over according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Body-exercises such as Hu Chun Gong or exercises like TAi Chi will be performed addording to an expression of feelings in order to keep your suppleness  and according to own pleasures.

Beauty Make up and hints to your personal care. It will be our pleasure to assist you in choosing your make-up and tips to your personal care. 


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Feng Shui and the Harmony
13. 01. 09
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Setting-up to your personal live-situations. 


The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water as well as the eight directions offer you the possibily of using your rooms related to your personal living-condition and your inner needs and your harmony. 

Especially when a new house is being built, or when there's a moving ahead of you, you should seize the chance of thinking of arranging the spaces according to the rules of Fengshui. 

With the plans of your apartment or of your establishment-plan we can determine all necessary steps according to Fengshui and an exact calculation of your personal data and your living-spaces.   





Please tell us your date of birth!

With this data we can calculate beneficial elements, directions of the compass, colours, material and forms as well as your personal Kua number.

With the help of your personal Kua number we can activate targeted places in your house or your apartment which have a special meaning to you.

Feng Shui and the Garden
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13. 01. 09
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If you happen to possess a piece of land, and you create a small garden in harmony with nature, you owe a small piece of paradise at home.


Indeed, every garden-type can be transformed into a Feng Shui-garden. An important aspect in gardening according to Feng Shui is the free and unhindered flow of energy, called in Chinese 'Chi'. 


In accordance with color-matching, harmonious plants on a window and in the garden, you can create the real Feng Shui-garden. The flow of water is also very important especially in the outdoor area as they represent of the symbol of life-energy, which stands for wealth and abundance. 

Inserted in a correct way, water can create much stimulating energy in the garden or the outskirts of office- and business-areas by thus supporting health and prosperity. 


Feng Shui and the Business
13. 01. 09
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Feng Shui can literally be used in any kind of size in the business world. 

Whether the subject is an old building, a store room, a shop or even an already planned business or office-building can be changed according to the principles of Feng Shui. 
We can help you even with a transformation or with refurnishing, in order for the positive energy (Chi) will guide the fort coming future and you will notice a gain soon.
Of course the principles of Fengshui can guide each single individium to a positive start in its professional career. 

I would like to help you with the shaping, the installation or the realization of an office- or a commercial-building, even a single shop, or an office-surface or a storage-room according to the principles of Feng Shui.


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