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15. 08. 02
posted by: Christine Spautz
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The price of  Feng Shui consultation will depend on many parameters and will be agreed with each individual customer.


single rooms:                                    8,00€ / qm2


apartments, flats, houses
offices, stores, shops & warehouses    10,00€ / qm2


hourly rate                                       65,00€ / qm2

All prices are with VAT of 17 %.



The price for an hourly rate is based on following services:

  • Project support for a new construction or re-modeling
  • Consulting of business objects, complete houses, entire buildings or factory premises
  • Standard choice for your company or your place, house or office
  • Style advice for colour and shapes
  • Material design for furnitures and accessories
  • Alignment and compilation of departments and workplaces.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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